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Welcome to Pallamary & Associates

Land Use Consultants
Professional Land Surveying Services
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Pallamary & Associates is owned and operated by Michael J. Pallamary, a Professional Land Surveyor licensed by the State of California. Mr. Pallamary has forty two years experience in the land surveying, land planning, land use consultation and engineering professions. He is a nationally recognized authority on land surveying and local land development regulations. Mr. Pallamary is a founding member of the Land Surveyors Advisory Council on Technical Standards (LSACTS). He writes a regular column for The American Surveyor magazine. He owned and operated Precision Survey & Mapping from 1983 to 1999. Mr. Pallamary is also the owner and President of Land Survey Service of La Jolla since 1983. He is recognized as the preeminent authority on the redevelopment of property in La Jolla and San Diego's coastal regions. Mr. Pallamary is also the owner and operator of, the state of California's premiere Land Surveyor Resource and Research Site. This site is also used as a tool to locate City of San Diego Tie Points. To download a Microsoft vcf card for Mr. Pallamary, click here.

Pallamary & Associates specializes in land use litigation and the processing of complex land use permits, land planning, discretionary permits and coastal development permits issued by the City of San Diego and the California Coastal Commission. We also provide project management services and land development consultation services for conventional projects and also in connection with insurance matters. As the owner of Land Survey Service of La Jolla, Mr. Pallamary owns the largest private collection of  property records and survey maps of La Jolla Properties.

Mr. Pallamary is also a former member of the City of San Diego's Board of Zoning Appeals in addition to having spent many years as a member of a variety of planning organizations including a term as the elected Chairman of the Clairemont Mesa Planning Group, an elected member of the North Bay Project Area Committee and an appointed member of the Mission Bay Park Committee and Mission Bay Park Planners. In these capacities, he has co-authored the Mission Bay Park Master Plan, the Clairemont Mesa Community Plan and the North Bay Redevelopment Master Plan. Mr. Pallamary is also a co-author of the City of San Diego's Mapping and Land Title Document Preparation Manual.


Professional Services Offered

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Books by Michael Pallamary
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The Curt Brown Chronicles — A collection of the writings and lectures of the late Curtis M. Brown. The History of San Diego Land Surveying Experiences — Written with the late Curtis M. Brown.

Advanced Land Descriptions — A manual of instruction for the person who wants to write a land description written with the late Paul Cuomo and the late Roy Minnick.

Lay of the Land: The History of Land Surveying in San Diego County — An informative history about land surveying in San Diego County.


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We are available for consultation to discuss your land surveying issues along with your land use concerns, litigations needs, and land surveying problems. Please feel free to contact us:

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