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La Jolla map by Mapquest (R)

La Jolla Shores Webcam

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Sample images from a complimentary copy of a Windows-based screen saver depicting Historic Postcards of La Jolla. Click image above for download instructions.

Professional Peer to Peer Consultation

Because of Mr. Pallamary's extensive expertise in courtroom and legal matters, he is uniquely qualified to provide discrete consultation services to other land surveyors and engineers. This consultation can include advice in the areas of standard of care, ethical conduct other matters related to land surveying and engineering in the courtroom. In this capacity, Mr. Pallamary can work with legal counsel in organizing and developing legal exhibits and defenses associated with claims made against professional land surveyors and engineers.

We also provide consultation services for other land surveying and engineering firms in connection with the resolution of boundary disputes, ALTA surveys and associated land surveying matters. Mr. Pallamary is a member of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping and the California Land Surveyors Association.

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