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La Jolla Shores Webcam

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Sample images from a complimentary copy of a Windows-based screen saver depicting Historic Postcards of La Jolla. Click image above for download instructions.

Due Diligence Investigations

Pallamary & Associates offers a unique service to the real estate community and to homebuyers. We will conduct a detailed research and investigation into a parcel of land in order to determine site constraints, development opportunities and potential code and boundary problems. We accomplish this by researching existing zoning regulations, historical assessment reports and examining and plotting all encumbrances disclosed by your title report. We will also research our vast inventory of survey maps in order to report any survey or title matters not disclosed by the public record.

In the event additional consultation services are needed, we will coordinate the assistance of licensed contractors, architects, building inspectors and soils engineers.

We will also advise you as to remedies to any of the problems disclosed by our report.

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