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La Jolla Shores Webcam

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Sample images from a complimentary copy of a Windows-based screen saver depicting Historic Postcards of La Jolla. Click image above for download instructions.

Professional Land Surveying

Mr. Pallamary is a nationally recognized authority on land surveying. He has an extensive and unparalleled background as a professional land surveyor for more than thirty years. He is the co-author of a university textbook on land surveying as well as a book on local land surveying. Mr. Pallamary is recognized as the preeminent authority on land surveying in La Jolla in addition to being the region's leading authority on the history of land surveying and land development in Southern California. He is also the President and Owner of Land Survey Service of La Jolla. From 1983 to 1999, Mr. Pallamary owned and operated Precision Survey & Mapping.

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